Mental training

As an additional offer, the course “mental training” is offered. This includes the following:

Positioning and movement: about the requirements for playing expressive music lifelong without discomfort.

Breathing: Performance and physiological connection, body perception, play and relaxation breathing.

Stage presence: Self assurance in key moments, handling of stage fright and security.

Practice: to be a good lecturer for oneself, neurological basics for learning, learning psychology.

Finger technique: worth knowing for delicate movement development, handedness and to learn finger techniques for difficult parts.

The course is offered by:

Frau Karoline Renner Karoline Renner

Orchestra flutist and specialist for dispokinesis

She worked in different positions in nearly every big orchestra in Austria and was able to work with renowned conductors like Prêtre, Jansons and Abbado. Since 1995 she is flutist and solopiccolist at the Südwestdeutsche Philharomonie Konstanz and since 2004 she is certified specialist for dispokinesis of the European Society for Dispokinesis.