Welcome to the Emsbürer Musiktage

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Welcome to the Emsbürener Musiktage

Masterclasses for woodwinds & horn

The traditional event “Emsbürener Musiktage” takes place yearly in October for 45 years.

The next event will be organized presumably from 18th October - 8th November 2020. The masterclasses are taking place from 18 – 25th October 2020.

In the different categories on this website you can read more about the different events, sponsors, volunteers and masterclasses.

Prof. Eckart Hübner of the Universität der Künste in Berlin is art director of the Musiktage. Organisational manager is Martin Nieswandt, manager of the Music School Emsland.

Emsbürener Musiktage

LIVE – classical - intoxicating