Application process

flute-2216485__340An application can be send via mail, digital via Email or with the application form on the website. The following data is needed:

Personal Data

Name, address, birth date

Musical Data

Played instrument, desired work (max. 3 full creations), desired chamber music ensembles, further instruments (e.g. contrabassoon), which can be brought for chamber music, preferred and also applied chamber music partners, sending of an example of the own play (e.g. CD, link) The sending of a play is not neccessary, if the participant is known by the professor.

Course data

Desired accommodation (if in school centre or own organised accommodation), arrival time, if catering is needed or self catering.


Additionally to the above data we need for counceling purposes a short CV (University, awards, teachers, training)

Deadline for applications

All data has to be handed in till

6. September 2019.

Via mail: Address on back side




The admission will be carried out normally within three weeks after deadline. An early application is increasing the possibility for admission. 

The professors for the subjects are deciding about admission. 

Admission confirmations or declines will be send in writing to the stated address. 


With application a deposit of 100,00 € has to be payed to the account of the Gemeinde Emsbüren.

In case of a decline of admission this deposit will be refunded. Therefore it is important to state bank details.

In case of a confirmation of admission the deposit will be deducted from the total admission fee.

Important: If you are being confirmed, but can‘t participate for whatever reason, please let us know immediately. The deposit will only be payed back till four weeks before the course starts!


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„Emsbürener Musiktage 2019“