The course fee is appr. 330 € per participant. 


Communal meals are offered three times a day for all participants (starting with dinner the arrival day). The total fee is 140 € per participant.
Local restaurants offer a wide variety of meals.
Supermarkets can be found nearby.


Schulzentrum Accommodation is available in the school centre in dorms (sleeping bag, pillow, towels etc. needed). The fee for the school centre accommodation is 30 € for the whole week. Showers are in the school gym or in the nearby public pool, which can be used free of charge.
If you prefer private accommodation at your own expense nearby hotels, B&Bs or holiday houses can be found. The local tourist information VVV Emsbüren e.V. can help with the organisational process. A list of accommodation possibilities can be found online: www.emsbueren.de.
If you are not staying in the school centre, please be aware, that you need to organise your own transport due to limited public transportation.


Course fee 330 €

Catering fee 140 € (or self-catering)

Accommodation fee 30 € (or own accommodation)

Total 500 €