equipment-3221718__340 The three-week program of the Emsbürener Musiktage offers a variety of different events. Next to classical concerts of professors and participants of the masterclasses a guest concerts and concerts for children and elderly citizens are offered.

Additionally an art exhibition with a musical topic will be shown.

This year’s events are:

07.10.2018Opening of art exhibition11 amLiudger Secondary School
07.10.2018Academics concert8 pmLiudger Secondary School
09.10.2018Guest concert8 pmLiudger Secondary School
11.10.2018 Concert for senior citizens3 pmLiudger Secondary School
12.10.2018Participants concert8 pm Will be announced shortly
13.10.2018Family concert5 pmCultural Centre Fokus
13.10.2018End of class concert8 pmLiudger Secondary School
15.10.2018 Church concert8 pmSt. Andreas Church
19.10.2018 Youth concert6 pmLiudger Secondary School
28.10.2018Symphony concert8 pmLiudger Secondary School

We are looking forward to your visit!


In the following lists you can find all the artists and musicians who performed in the last years.

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