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Cancellation of the "Emsbürener Musiktage" 2020

For already 45 years the "Emsbürener Musiktage" are a traditional music event in the Emsland and support not only music education, but mainly the growing local cultural scene.

Nevertheless, the worldwide Corona pandemic is now also affecting the "Emsbürener Musiktage 2020". Even though the music event starts in October, today it is already clear, that the different events, concerts and especially the masterclasses will be overshadowed by many rules,  regulations and risks. The masterclasses build on a good interaction between national and international lecturers and participants. Regarding travel restrictions and warnings a participation will be very difficult.

The goal is to enjoy excellent classes and unique concerts without any troubles. Therefore, after considering all developments and opinions, we had to make the sad decision to cancel this years "Emsbürener Musiktage".

This is sad, nevertheless, we are already more than looking forward to next years event and jump into planning. In 2021 the traditional music event will go on.

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